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Procurement Procedures - HOW TO TENDER

How To Tender

The process of tendering follows below processes:-

  1. Identification of a requirement by the Accounting Officer,
  2. Budgeting for it,
  3. Preparing a specification,
  4. Advertising the requirement,
  5. Receiving offers or bids,
  6. Evaluating the bids,
  7. Awarding the tender,
  8. Signing of contract and
  9. Implementation.

Tenders are normally advertised for a minimum of 20 days (national tenders) and 40 days (international tenders), as prescribed in the Procurement Regulations, Section 19 (1) in order to allow bidders sufficient time to submit the keenest prices from the globe. This is international best practice, although complicated tenders, such as Power Projects, will require more time.

If any bidder is dissatisfied with a any part of the procurement proceedings, he can challenge the proceedings in terms Section 73 of the Act.

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